Monday, May 7, 2007

Low cost small telescope project

One of my current goals for this blog is my 500 Shekel telescope project. I would like to build a number of small (4.5"/114mm) reflecting telescopes for as little as possible. My current goal is that it should be about 500 Israeli Shekels including 1 eyepeice (A 25mm Plossl) and the main optics etc. 500NIS is as I write this about $125 USD, and this should include the cost of importing the optics from the USA. I don't know if this will actually be a price goal that can be hit, but its worth trying.

So why the blog? It is my hope that if other people in other far off corners of the world would like to build a telescope (or a bunch of scopes). that this blog might prove some useful ideas.

If anyone out there ever does use my plans or ideas, please let me know. Or even post a picture of the scopes you may build from them.

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