Wednesday, March 21, 2007

pocket microscope

My dad sent me two 30x pocket microscopes. They are quite fun. I have one in the office today and have been showing it off to pretty much everyone. This thing is pretty simple. It has a small flashlight bulb to illuminate the target and a simple set of optics, which I assume are plastic. You don't need slides, just press the front end against what you want to look at and adjust the focus knob.

30x is enough to see quite a bit of detail without.

Things worth looking at (so far).
  • Coins
  • Bank notes
  • Fabric
  • leather (tooled leather even more so)
  • LCD screens.
  • A dish scrubby/sponge
  • A photo (not very useful, but interesting)
I have 2 of them, I'm going to at some point give one to each kid and give them a scavenger hunt where they have to find various types of features under the microscope.

This is pretty cool for a toy that costs about $9 (USD), plus 2 AA batteries.

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