Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Equipment to aquire in the short term

"Flower Tripod" Will be just two boards screwed together with a screw to attach the camera. I may have to buy the machine screw and a few screws to build it. Should be able to salvage the wood. Total cost less than 50NIS.
Need to buy
  • Machine screw to mount camera
  • Some wood screws (May have)
  • Wood glue (may have)
  • 1x4 board , about 3', may be able to find
  • Loops for tent pegs (Strapping, 12")
Barn Door mount/ bent bolt.
Needed to buy (See sky and telescope)
  • Wood, (See above)
  • Some eletronics (current regulator, Pot, Resistors, LED, breadboard)
  • gears (2 same tooth count)
  • extra finder bracket ($12)

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