Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Photography projects

I think with the equipment I have now (save what I just wrote about in the last post) I can do most of the things I want to do. I have some ideas for stuff involving flash that will have to be put off until some future point, but I think I can do the projects I'm working on now at least to some extent with the cameras I have. I think a normal lens (Which is what most of the cameras have) will work for all of these.
  • Flowers: Sinar with the "Flower Tripod" Just have to wait for the flowers to bloom, I will probably also have to find a large piece of cardboard to lie down on while working.
  • Milky way, Round 1: Pentax or Rollei with Barn Door, next summer mostly
  • Landscapes, Sinar just need to find the time, and get my car back. I would like to drive down the Allon road over Passover to take these.
  • Moonscapes, Full moon in the desert, can use any camera, normal lens will work fine.

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