Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Back to Medium format

I was photographing with the Rolleiflex today, and it felt good to have it back out. Its a joy to use, that big ground glass on top make composition so much nicer than on my 35mm SLR with its tiny view finder. It also felt like the film advance was working again. I will take in the roll of print film tomorrow to be developed. I love the waist level finder

At some time in the near future I will take it in to the shop for a CLA (clean, lube, adjust) it will probably cost a bit but the camera is so worth it. A joy to use, with wonderful optics and a big 120 format 6x6 film it just takes great pictures.

EDIT: The pictures of Belvior came back, they were quite good. I'm going to be using the rollei more often now that I know that it is working.

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