Thursday, April 19, 2007

Telescope factory, copied from my LJ

OK I have had this idea for a while but the strong shekel and the fact that I have found some decent sources for optics in the USA makes this seem like a good time to put the idea out to those in Israel, would anyone be interested in finding some time this summer to build telescopes.

In terms of cost this is what we are looking at
  • Primary Mirror $33 (4.5" F8, good for a small starter scope), secondary included
  • Plossl Eyepiece $25 each, I would suggest at least a 25mm, but it may be worth getting a few

Here is the thing, if you just order the primary mirror shipping will be about $23 to Israel, however according to their shopping cart if we order 3 mirror sets and 3 eyepieces then shipping only goes up to about $40. The upshot is that if we want to build 3 scopes then the cost would be about $70 each for the optics. We would have to fabricate a bunch of stuff locally (Mirror cells, Spider, Focuser, scope tube & dobsonain mount) but none of that is impossible. Best guess would be about 300NIS for optics, and at most 200 NIS more for everything else. Maybe less.

I'm still working out ideas for finderscopes

If anyone is interested please let me know. Power tools would be a plus! Routers and circular saws seem to be the things we would need the most.

I would be happy to also show people how to find star charts on the web.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested.

In terms of what can be seen with a 4.5" Scope
  • The Moon, in great Detail
  • Jupiter, including the 4 major moons and some surface detail
  • Saturn, Rings and Major moons
  • Most of the 109 Messier Objects, some may require a dark sky
  • A large number of double stars, variable stars etc
  • Sunspots and the like ONLY VIEW THE SUN WITH A PROPER SOLAR FILTER, Such as Baadar solar film!

Some details on Jupiter and Saturn will be better with a higher magnification eyepiece such as a 8mm Plosssl, about another $25.

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